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Variability in neurocognitive performance: Age, gender, and school-related differences in children and from ages 6 to 12
Autores: Renata Kochhanna, Hosana Alves Gonçalvesa, Janice da Rosa Purezaa, Vanisa Fante Viapianaa, Flavia dos Passos Fonsecaa, Jerusa Fumagali Sallesb and Rochele Paz Fonsecaa

Cognitive development in children presents peculiarities according to groups of age, gender, and
type of school. Few studies have been investigating the effects of all these factors. The aim of this
study was to investigate the main effects and the interactions of age, gender, and type of school in
419 children from ages 6 to 12 years old evaluated by the Child Brief Neuropsychological
Assessment Battery (NEUPSILIN-Inf). Older children, children in private schools and girls presented
better results. Interactions between all three independent variables were observed in different
cognitive domains. The results highlight both the heterogeneity and the influence of multiple

factors in children’s neuropsychological development.

KEYWORDS: Children; gender; neuropsychological tests; schools

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